June 07, 2011

Selecting mutations for Gaia Gamma

In yesterdays post I really got confused by my own rules... Gaia Gamma R6 already has rules for selecting mutations... at least optional ones. That's what you get for designing the optional rules before the actual rules... but sometimes I get ahead of myself ;-) So I decided to completely revise the mutation rules and here we go:
  • Each genotype is limited by a number of mutation points (10 MP for mutated humans, 6 MP for altered animals and sentient plants).
  • Players can roll for mutations until they hit or surpass that number of MP.
  • To get extra mutations they need to suffer from defects (which garner additional MP).
  • Instead of rolling for mutations you can select them, doubling their MP cost.
  • Instead of rolling for defects you can select them, halving their MP bonus.
That's about it. All the optional rules have been removed and yesterdays variants are no more. Simple and straightforward. The only thing to toy with is the number of MP points but that will arise as a topic once I have finished (or at least mostly finished) the mutation lists.

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