June 13, 2011

Mutated Humans

This morning I finished the section on mutated humans. While writing it I noticed that mutated humans probably are the baseline of the game as their section is going to be the shortest.

Currently they are described like this:

Mutated Humans (abbreviated as MH) probably in some respect are the truest children of the Ancients as they “enjoy” their full legacy. Strangely altered by the bionuclear weapons of the Final Wars they possess abilities that might by far surpass anything ordinary humans ever dreamt of being able to do. But at the same time they pay a high price - physically and mentally altered mutated humans no longer seem to be one race. They vary in appearance and many suffer from crippling deficiencies that haunt them all their lives. Nonetheless mutated humans band together in tribes and communities to rebuild the world and accept the legacy left to them. They abide by the following rules:

  • Roll 3d (in order) for each attribute during character generation.
  • Receive a +1 bonus to one attribute of your choice.
  • Receive 10 mutation points (MP, see ...).
  • Gain the Mutation skill area at rank 1 for free (see ...).
That's it. As they will be the mutation powerhouses I did not see much need to other special abilities.


  1. Nice and tidy, I like it! I'm sorry if I missed an earlier post--is GG a setting for existing rules with your houserules or is this a totally new RPG?

    Great stuff, BTW!

  2. Gaia Gamma is my vision of how my perfect Gamma World game might have looked like. So a totally new game. You can get an impression from the links to the right (heading "Bones of the Giants" - under R6 you will find the current [incomplete] version of the game to be).

    And http://www.gaiagamma.com/2011/04/dawn-of-new-age.html is basically the mission statement for this blog.