April 20, 2011

Gamma Games: An overview

I just went to my newly furnished study room / home office / RPG lab (we moved last year and my office finally is getting somewhere) to take the picture to the right as a sort of "What's to come" in the "Gamma Games series" I announced this morning.

The picture shows a tiny corner of my RPG collection and holds all the post-apocalyptic games I own and currently have moved from the crates to my sideboards. Some are missing for various reasons - my two original editions of Metamorphosis Alpha e.g. are stored in my Collectibles section, Tribe 8 has not yet been taken from the crates and a couple of the more obscure ones (e.g. the ones I bought and flipped through once) still are being held in even more crates. Those I will add to the collection later on and then they'll also get reviewed here. For now the list of games to be reviewed (while paging through them for Gaia Gamma inspiration) over the coming weeks and months includes the following (from the top right to the bottom left, the links are somewhat arbitrary):

So let me know... are any important games missing? (I still might have them somewhere in other crates not yet unpackaged ;-) ) (Gamma World 1st and 4th edition currently reside on my work table as I use them heavily to draw inspiration from for Gaia Gamma and thus also are not included in the list above)

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