May 08, 2011

Naming the genotypes (part II)

While doing various minor things I am still wrestling with the best names for the planned genotypes. After some pondering I am currently stuck with the following setup:
  • Pure strain humans, robots, cyborgs (unchanged)
  • Mutated humans (they definitely are mutated versions of purer human genotypes so this seems appropriate)
  • Altered animals (this leaves open whether they were mutated due to random effects of the Final War, consciously uplifted by the Ancients or the result of "something else" - maybe even an alien invasion)
  • Sentient plants (which sentience is a matter of discussion for animals for plants this IMHO is out of doubt - so this sentience attribute is a great differentiator here)
Addtionally I fear that updates during the next week will not manage to keep up the "at least one update per day" rate I planned for myself as I will be visiting two conferences, speaking on both them and "doing the booth" at one of them - so my guess would be that there will be not enough time for regular updates. I'll try my best but it might take until next weekend for the next update. See ya!

1 comment:

  1. Wow- I'm honored that you take our opinions so seriously- this is practically a personal reply!
    I think that this is a well-thought out and effective nomenclature and it gets your vision across quite well. Will the plants be hypermetabolic (in fact if not in name) or will they spent weeks replenishing their energy reserves after taking physical actions? They could be psionic to avoid this kind of expenditure of energy. Is there any chance of an expanded genotype section to clarify this, or were you aiming more for true fantasy without needing plausible justification? If so, just ignore that last bit as the ramblings of a born nit-picker ;)