May 01, 2011

Gamma May: The glowing near-future

May seems to be becoming a very good month for Gamma Game afficionados. Besides me trying to keep up with the post rate of "at least one per day" for May, too, James over at Grognardia announced to dedicate the month of May towards a Gamma World retrospective.

I absolutely love this announcement since it nicely coincides with my attempt to bring Gamma World even more back into spotlight by providing an OSR alternative to the nice Mutant Future OSR clone of Gamma World.

In order to support the current Gamma World revival I am going to try to provide a Grognardia commentary by aligning my current Gaia Gamma design efforts with James' thoughts on Gamma World. Hopefully this will provide an influx of ideas for Gaia Gamma and help to spur Gaia Gamma towards completeness.

Consequently I also added Grognardia to the blog roll to the left. If you are not yet reading it (but who isn't already?) you really should add it to your regular list. I love it for it various positions on everything old school, even if I don't agree all the time. And I'm continuously bewildered by James constant output rate.

BTW, for new readers of this blog: You still have a chance to win a completed version of Gaia Gamma if you become a follower of this blog.

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