April 12, 2011

Rewards for 7 of the first 100 followers of the blog

Since it seems to be customary to offer rewards for followers of the blog (in order to win fame by cheating ;-) ), I have decided to offer free gifts for 7 of the first 100 followers the blog accumulates. I randomly diced 7 numbers from 1 to 100. If you become a follower of this blog you will receive a printed version of Gaia Gamma, once the game has been finished. If you care to post a review afterwards in some place I would be very happy - just be honest.

And you will even get a signed one ;-) So press the "Follow" button to the right ;-)

Use the links to the right to become a follower of the blog (and I mean "follower", not feed subscriber).

I will announce 7 lucky ones once I have accumulated 100 followers.

Ambitious, I know. But it wouldn't be fun otherwise ;-)


  1. Hmm, but this could backfire... Do I really want to be number 2? Did you use 1d100? 10d10? One sec, I need to consult the probability charts before I follow... : P

    But honestly, I'm already reading new posts as they come, so I may as well follow now and see what happens. You've actually helped pique my interest in pen / paper games in general, and I'm looking at playing some Mouse Guard with a friend soon.


  2. Hmm, it's been a while since I found enough time for an RP group. Then again, I am American, so I feel entitled to anything which is not mine. Sign me up!

  3. Well, I just joined your blog and also put you on my blog roll! Great stuff here!

    I've been on a Gamma World kick lately and posting a lot of GW-related stuff on my blog which you can find here (hyperlinked to a search for the Gamma World tag).