April 02, 2011

Dawn of a new age

And here I am with my fourth blog (besides the German Hexer & Helden blog, where I design an old school variant of AD&D in three books of 64 pages in DIN A 5 format each, besides my personal vanity press here and besides my ADOM blog here). What's going to be the topic of this blog?
My fascination with TSR's and Wizards of the Coast's Gamma World game.

I have been loving this game for an eternity. At one point I even hosted the official Gamma World mailing list during the early days of the Internet around 1996 or so when mailing lists still where the preferred way of talking to other fans of whatever.

Despite my intense love for the game I have to admit that I never got to play it much... due to the usual factors... lack of time, lack of players, etc. But I spent a lot of time reading through the various rule incarnations of Gamma World (I own each and every edition, all its variants and in addition probably about every other post apocalyptic RPG that ever has been written) and I never was perfectly happy with any rules edition. Always something was wrong... rules too simple, too complicated, too incomplete, too wordy, too unstructured, too short lived, etc. Even Mutant Future could not quench my thirst for the perfect edition of Gamma World.

And since even the latest edition is not much help to me I'm going to take the only possible route left and design my own professional game surrounding the topic. It all started this weekend with a renewed urge to design a cover for such a game. I had done that once while trying to take part in a 24 hour RPG design contest (and failing due to too much ambition and too little constitution) and this weekend the creative juices got flowing again.

So here we are with the start for my own game of wild and wahoo mutants in the world after the Final War: I hereby present Gaia Gamma.

Some of the text is still missing, etc. but the main design is finished.

The idea of the blog is to post continuous updates about the ideas behind the ongoing design of the game. I have a couple of ideas, many plans and would love to get into a discussion and feedback process with other Gamma World fans out there.

So much for the first posting... I'll get you updated soon.

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