April 20, 2011

All Things Gamma

Since I started working on Gaia Gamma and blogging here regularly I noticed that I also started using the term "Gamma games" to encompass all types of games I loosely associate with Gamma World. I would like to extend this nomenclature in order to introduce some new regular Gaia Gamma related series to this blog.
As the rules progress at a decent pace I will add three new categories to this blog in order to highlight my sources of inspiration for Gaia Gamma. The three categories will be:
  • Gamma Games: Roleplaying games (and occasionally maybe even boardgames) that I page through in order to find inspiration for cool additions to the Gaia Gamma rules. I own something like two dozen (probably quite a few more - I need to count them) roleplaying games that all are associated with some kind of apocalyptic setting... some more so, some less, that I will flip through in order to find stuff to cram into the 88 pages of Gaia Gamma. While flipping through them I will post short reviews, excerpts and links to interesting sites concerning those games.
  • Gamma Movies: I love to watch DVDs and there a few ones out there that I also find inspiring for Gaia Gamma. Again you will get short reviews, opinions and links.
  • Gamma Books: Again I own quite a number of books (thousands actually). Some of them are absolutely great sources for Gamma related inspiration and so far I have found very little out there on the web stirring Gamma fans towards these worthwhile resources. So again you will get a short review, opinions and some links to get you up to speed.
So while this post basically is just an announcement I will start with those additional categories very soon. To now get back to a topic closely related to Gaia Gamma: What do you think about RPG appendices that list the various sources of inspiration used while writing the RPG? Do you read them? Do you find them inspiring? Or are they just a waste of space?

I in the past only rarely read them in detail (and even less tried to pick up the listed sources) but the older I get the more I seem to get interested in such lists. Thus Gaia Gamma also will have such a list and the three series above will help me to fill it with interesting tidbits.

As a side note you can get release 5 of the rules from the download section in the side bar, enjoy! (although I have to admit there is not that much new in it except for the new back cover - which BTW still has the "mutanted" typo because I created R5 some days ago as I am already working on R6 - which has lots of changes).

(and as another side note: Image (c) copyright 2011 Headless Hydra Games, done by Peter Szmer and used with permission)

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