April 14, 2011

Structuring the table of contents

After a while of fiddling with basic mechanisms I usually start to layout the table of content in more detail.
Especially in projects like Gaia Gamma, where I have decided to limit myself by a specific number of pages. In revision 3 of the Gaia Gamma rules (click on the download link to the right) you will get a first impression of some of the chapters planned. Quite a bit of stuff is still missing, especially all the fiddly rules parts.

And I might have to switch to more than one posting per day as I have prepared enough material for the next week... and my internal release number already is 5 with 6 coming closer. Oh well, I shouldn't complain about having enough to keep a constant flow coming ;-)

Tell me: Which rules are of top importance of you when playing a "Gamma" game. What can be left out, what is essential?

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