April 04, 2011

The release format for Gaia Gamma

Recently I have found it very helpful to have as early as possible a pretty good idea of what I want a game to be in the final stages of publication. And yes, these days I always think about publication when starting an RPG project - thanks to Lulu I would say. Self-publishing today is as easy as a breeze and when I started with RPG designs seriously around 1990 it was a dream.

So for Gaia Gamma I also have a vision in mind. I want Gaia Gamma to be book limited by the following choices given to me by Lulu:
  • Soft cover (it seems that many interesting hardcover choices just disappeared... *sigh*)
  • 88 pages
  • square format (8.5 by 8.5 inches)
  • full cover cover but B/W interior; maybe there will be a full color deluxe version at some point but going for full color raises the printing costs for 88 pages by a whopping $13 which IMHO is too much. In B/W it will be possible to sell the final game for less than $10 which is as it should be as far as I am concerned.
And here is a revised design for the front cover... more gritty which I like better:

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